The world is still reacting to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial however they felt, and Jay Z and Justin Timberlake let their voices be heard in New York this weekend with a Trayvon Martin tribute during the sound “Forever Young”. “We need to you hear you right now New York City,” shouted Jay […]

NO I was not a believer in this song once it hit the airwaves but since I have seen this video, I ….. Continue Reading. @GiovanniZeus    

You may know him as “Poot” from HBO’s The Wire  (2002 – 2008).  Well Tray Chaney‘s been busy not only acting, but working hard to…

  At first Houston’s family was set on holding a private funeral exclusive to close friends and family; but after many fans across the world expressed their desire to share the moment to show their support for Houston, the family has now decided broadcast the funeral via live streaming on the web.   Click Here For The Complete Story