Last fall, students at The University of Missouri-Columbia used social media and public protest to challenge their school’s racist campus culture. Their efforts led to their football team striking, their president resigning and an eventual $1 million initiative from their university aimed at staff diversity. Exactly one year after the Homecoming parade that sparked their movement, their example […]

To make ends meet, the university must make serious budget cuts, institute a hiring freeze and not grant faculty and staff raises.

Missouri Republicans propose budget cuts to punish anti-racism protests. Critics call it misguided and harmful.


As student protests gain momentum, criticism of them is simultaneously bubbling up around the country.

After a screenshot of an anonymous post on a blog threatening the lives of Howard students, Howard University has stepped up security on campus and at nearby metro stations.   This comes after students at Howard and other universities across the country have taken stands in solidarity with the movement of students a the University […]

"We will move much further toward anarchy than anybody can imagine, and much more quickly," Ben Carson told Fox News about the recent uprisings on college campuses.

On Tuesday night, students took to social media to share their frightening experiences.


African-American students at the University of Missouri are on high alert tonight as the campus allegedly continues to be terrorized by groups of racists, believed…