My J Cole Show Experience 8-8-17 I djed on the concourse in front on section 117 with the whole wkys team! J Cole put on a great show at the verizon center with his dreamville family.

The LGBTQ community welcomed Vice President-elect Mike Pence to his new digs in Washington in the most creative way ever.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still getting hit with divorce rumors with less than a week left in 2016. Both stars had a difficult year individually with Kim’s Paris robbery and Kanye’s mental breakdown. It wasn’t long before folks began speculating about cracks in the power couple’s relationship, claims Kim denied. Now, KimYe divorce rumors are making […]

Dj Sixth Sense’s Question Of The Day

You have to admit, Gucci Mane was released from prison this year and has been dropping consistent verses! Here’s another Gucci feature along with Usher for Chris Brown’s latest single, “Party.”

Chris Brown is back with his new joint “Party”, with a little bit of help from the ATL, Usher & Gucci on the track.

Ain't no party like a Future Hendrix party, cause a Future Hendrix party don't stop––unless the cops show up.

It takes a lot to freak Uncle Luke out, but the legendary rapper found his limit. The hip hop icon revealed on Kevin Klein Live that he attended one of Donald Trump‘s parties once, and decided to leave because the indecency level was too high. He said, “Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to [Trump’s] […]

A millionaire property developer was cleared of criminal charges after he claimed he "accidentally" raped a teenage girl when he "fell" on top of her.

If you’ve ever seen Trey Songz live in action or visited his Instagram page, then you know driving women crazy is something the singer is…

We have to give it up to Tyga – he is the life of the party. The L.A. rapper crashed a Hollywood Hills party Friday night and…