Interactions with deer range from distant admiration to trying to avoid them on a interstate highway. But don’t get it confused, the deer are out here…and if you don’t get out of their way, trust, you’ll get ran over. One man in British Columbia experienced this firsthand two Saturdays ago. Twenty-five-year-old Cary McCook was exiting a vehicle when he took […]

Up until now, Thugger hasn't followed anyone on Instagram, but last night, he followed his first person.

Jaden Smith gets it. Last weekend he went to the prom dressed up as Batman because what else would he wear to an event that…

You must always plan before you take a major leap! this includes robbing a Radio Shack for over $17,000 and then using one of the GPS systems that you stole to assist you with getting away. A Chicago man accused of robbing a South Side Radio Shack of $17,000 Friday night was hastily tracked down […]

According to Tip Drill, one of Miami’s most famous stripper, was hospitalized after an accident during her usual set. Tip Drill is noted for her daring acrobatic acts at Miami’s strip club, King of Diamonds, which you may have heard being referenced in several of your favorite artists lyrics. “Her signature entrance involves her […]

If you want to have a GREAT Valentines Day, let Ms. Ices show you how to dance for that special someone. I am definitely going to get with the program! Lol, watch Ices do her thing and teach you a thing…or two Tune in to me every night Monday- Friday from 6pm-10pm and follow me […]

Little Willow is following in her big brother Jaden’s  foot steps. Check out her new cut.  What do you think?

Video about “Sh*t DC girls says” goes viral! Since my original posting of the video it has over 600,000 new views!!! Missed it? Check it out: Follow me on twitter @AngieAnge and listen to me every night Monday- Friday at 6pm-10pm

In the latest installment of Sh*t ____says, Here is Follow me on twitter @AngieAnge and listen to me every night Monday- Friday at 6pm-10pm

Real quick…Wassup with this “Cinnamon Challenge”??? Are yall forreal??? I hear people are chocking  to death. How bout we leave the Cinnamon to Cinnabon?  Kids don’t try this at home! Check out this foolery!