Lopaz has decided to spin the struggles that he has experienced after moving abroad into something that he hopes can be powerful.

A study finds that the stress of dealing with racism contributes to the academic achievement gap. Part of the solution is reinforcing positive racial identity.

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement is breaking down stereotypes with these touching images of our men with their children.

Despite some obvious stereotypical jokes at the expense of her Black character, actress Keke Palmer says she's not taking it personally.

One Colorado school took it upon itself to tell young women of color how they should be acting. A school providing a code of conduct…

The heavily publicized deaths of young Black men like Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and Sean Bell have inspired discussion, debate and analysis of why society…

New KFC Commercial Have you seen the new KFC Commercial?   Check it out below and then take our poll and let us know what you think..“Promoting Chicken or Stereotypes”  


 As we previously reported, Kendrick Lamar was named Rapper Of The Year by GQ Magazine however he did not attend their Man Of The Year Party as a…