T.I and Tiny

As we previously reported, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. caused a full on firestorm at a recent press event when he made a comment that sound like he…

Even though things are looking to seem have calmed down in The Harris household (or whats left of it between Tip and Tiny), T.I.‘s mother is doing what any mother and grandmother would, trying her best to keep her family together. This weekend, Tiny posted pictures of herself hanging out with Tamar Braxton, Toya Wright […]

Good grief! You can’t say T.I. doesn’t love his baby boo Tiny! According to TMZ, T.I. went looking to have an Apollo Nida style chit…

Seen at IAmBrianJames.com For some strange reason in the entertainment universe, T.I. and Tiny have been the talk of the town so to speak, and their relationship has been under the microscope. Well, they made due with that attention yesterday as the couple tag teamed on a rude fan who claimed to have the insight […]

We still don’t know if the rumors about Tiny and T.I. having trouble in their marriage or T.I.’s new baby are true or not, but one thing’s for sure, he still is claiming his wife. Over the past couple of weeks since the rumors have started, Tiny has been showing her ass (literally) onInstagram as she’s been jet-setting around. Tip was publicly quiet for all of the pictures […]

For the past couple of weeks, there have been new rumors everyday of T.I. and his wife, Tiny, separating. Things really came full force when they couple allegedly had a “huge” fight while out in LA for the Grammy’s. Not yet have we heard Tiny or Tip speak out on the status of their relationship. […]

A couple we weren’t expecting to break up anytime soon may already be knocking on splitsville’s door. In the latest from Hot Off The Wire,…

In their Sister 2 Sister cover story, T.I. is said to possess “chauvinist ways” by the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jamie Foster Brown. However, his wife and co-star of their popular VH1 reality series, Tiny, comes to his defense — even if she, too, thinks he can be “overbearing.” Tiny explained: “Honestly, one thing I can say […]

If you’ve been following the relationship of T.I. and Tiny Harris (and their new reality show), one thing that is clear is how much those two love each other. Tiny took a pause from celebrating Christmas to share her present from T.I. with her twitter followers (@TinyMajorMama) last night–a brand new Jeep. “My husband is […]