Terrence Howard

Freda Gatz seeks revenge, but accidentally takes it out on the wrong Lyon.

Lucious' mother is very much alive, and her existence can ruin his life.

Anika has a health scare that could threaten the baby, and more trouble could arise with Cookie and Lucious as co-Ceos.

Lucious Lyon is pulling more tricks from his sleeves to get Empire back, but eventually all of his secrets will come busting out.

FOX is truly riding this 'Empire' wave until the wheels fall off. The cast has already released several compilation albums and gone on an international tour. There's a new makeup collection in collaboration with Covergirl and now there are 'Empire' dolls.

Andre finds out that his grandmother was bipolar and confronts Lucious for keeping that a secret.

Hakeem costs Lucious Empire records, Boo Boo Kitty hashes a devious plan to get rid of Andre and Rhonda's baby, and more.

Anika struggles to tell Hakeem that she's pregnant, and Hakeem is scared that Freda Gatz is going to win their epic battle.

The Lyons call a truce after the feds bust up the fun, Dre makes a revelation about Vernon, and more.

Lucious tries hard to sign Betty Barz to Empire, and the battle of the record labels has officially begun.