Voter registration

Despite the Obama administration’s mission to alleviate the health insurance market through the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” healthcare rates may rise up to nearly 35 percent in some parts of the U.S. for 2017.

You only have one vote, so you better use it on November 8th.

Convention season is over and now it’s time for the American electorate to focus on the elections in November. While many Americans are already registered to participate in the 2016 general election, we know there are quite a few unregistered voters who wish to voice their choice. Historically, to register to vote you had to fill […]

Voter registration booths are frequently set up at convenient locations months prior to the general election (this year on November 6). But what if you don’t have time to stop during the day and register to vote in person? For those who are always ripping and running, mailing in your voter registration form might be […]