Ja Rule took to his Twitter account yesterday (September 2) to call out Wikipedia for getting his height wrong by three inches. “Wikipedia is the most…


Following an uproar over edits to Wikipedia pages about men who have died at the hands of police, including Eric Garner, the New York Police…

Edits to the Wikipedia pages of police brutality victims, including Eric Garner and Sean Bell, were traced to computers operating on the New York Police Department’s network…

Seen at IAmBrianJames.com Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, so don’t shoot the messenger. The world has been buzzing about Outkast and their reunion tour planned for this year as well as an album. We now have learned that the album was just a rumor and that fans will just have to […]

From IAmBrianJames.com Since the January 3 murder of G Unit Affiliate Mazaradi Fox, police have been trying to get to the bottom of the murder and yesterday, they have made a major discovery. NYPD arrested 35 year old, Jamal Scott, for the murder of Mazaradi Fox, ( Jamal Green). Scott is the older brother of […]

Seen at IAmBrianJames: Great news for hip hop fans as Coachella has announced that the hip hop, Nas, will be performing his entire Illmatic album. The album that arguably proved his weight as true hip hop heavyweight.  From Official Site: Time Is Illmatic is a feature length documentary film that delves deep into the making of […]

  Seen at IAmBrianJames.com Warning: If you are a BeyHive member, I did not do this I am merely the messenger in this here conversation. Don’t attack me.  A UK paper was apparently watching the Grammys on Sunday night and they weren’t impressed by King Bey’s performance, as a matter of fact they thought some […]

Seen at IAmBrianJames.com No, this is very real. This guy is definitely not the brightest bulb in the box. Round of applause for this genius.  Gawker reports: Today in “silly things people do around fire” comes the tale of one man from Olathe, Kansas, who ran back into his burning house to save his XBOX. The Daily […]

Seen at IAmBrianJames.com I have to admit, these are not sexy at all.  From ESPN:  The uniform designs for this season’s All-Star Game, set for Feb. 16 in New Orleans, leaked on the Internet on Thursday before being officially unveiled by the league later in the day. And in a development that probably won’t surprise many […]

Seen at IAmBrianJames.com Surely, this lady probably is making all of this up or maybe she was being nosy at the wrong time and misheard something. Check this out.  Via Washington Examiner “Pretty decent day at the WH today. The Miami HEAT gave a “POTUS” jersey to the head honcho and I watched LeBron ask a […]

Seen at IAmBrianJames.com For some reason I actually think this is pretty cool, I feel like he recognized a need and addressed it. In this growing business world, it’s important to have the etiquette and be approachable by big investors. I digress.  TMZ: Mill was ordered to take the etiquette classes last year after violating […]