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Last night’s Golden Globes was full of surprises. In addition to wins for Idris Elba (“LUTHER”)  and Octavia Spencer  (The Help), a certain black actress enjoyed her moment in the sun. In her acceptance speech for Best Actress, Meryl Streep included PARIAH star Adepero Oduye as one of her favorite female performers for 2011.

So how does it feel to get an epic co-sign from the world’s greatest actress? The Urban Daily caught up with Oduye  to get the scoop!

TUD: Congratulations!  How does it feel to be acknowledged from someone as talented and esteemed as Meryl Streep?

Oduye: I’m still in a state of shock.  Meryl is an actress that I respect and idolize.  She’s one of the first female performers that really inspired me to become an actress.  Just to hear my name come out of her mouth, I can’t believe it!

Where you were during the awards broadcast?

I was actually attending a viewing party upstairs where the ceremony was being held.  When Meryl mentioned my name people just started yelling and screaming, and I was feeling like a deer caught in headlights.  I felt like I was in a Spike Lee movie, like when the characters move in slow motion.  It was like an out of body experience, very surreal.  I got to meet Meryl afterwards. She gave me a big hug, and we talked about the importance of supporting other women.  She was so nice, very sweet person.

Have you been on Twitter or Facebook since the awards show?  It seems like the web exploded with mentions of you and the movie.

No I haven’t been on there. I’ve just been getting lots of texts and people calling me.  My family called me, because people were calling them, and they weren’t even watching The Golden Globes. They had no idea what had happened.

Reception for PARIAH has been incredible. The movie is in its third week,  with positive reviews and sold out shows. Did you have any idea it would be this huge?

In the beginning I thought the goal was to make it into the film festival circuit.  I was hoping we’d make it to Sundance.  When Focus Features acquired the film, I still didn’t know what that meant.  I guess I wasn’t ready for how it would take off.  There’s so much love on so many levels for this movie.  It’s really overwhelming, and I just can’t believe the amount of support PARIAH has gotten.  At the beginning of this journey I thought anything was possible, but now I know it for sure.  I’m really thankful to be part of this film, and this experience has literally been life changing.

PARIAH is playing in select cities nationwide. For tickets CLICK HERE


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