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We were excited for DMV rapper Wale to make MTV’s 2011 Hottest MC list.

However, the list is generating a bit of controversy, as it seems a couple familiar faces didn’t make the nominations. Rapper J. Cole is missing from the list as well as rapper Kendrick Lamar. Both have addressed their absence.

Kendrick Lamar says:

“I just look at it as an opinion factor,” he said. “It’s all about what the people want at the end of the day, so people know what it is. It’s not really a big thing for me I know it’s more exposure but the people know what it is. All it’s going to do is bring more controversy to the game. I think it’s dope, though.” [Video Here]

J. Cole also took the news in stride.

“Yeah, I saw the list. I don’t know. A list is a list, you know what I’m saying? Whether I’m on it or not. If I was on that list, they’d find another person to be up in arms about,” he explained. “I’m very happy at the fact that my fans and people who aren’t really big fans but they just know… I’m happy to see that reaction from them. But if it wasn’t me, it’d be somebody else. Like, how did you forget emcee such and such? That’s just the nature of the list. So imagine when the top 10 is really announced, I’m sure there’ll be drama then. But do I deserve it? Yeah, of course. Even when I didn’t deserve to be on it, I thought I deserved to be on it a couple of years ago, when I really wasn’t as hot as I might be right now. But it’s all good.” [Video Here]

Fellow rapper Big Sean, who came in #8 on MTV’s list also cued in on Cole’s absence.

“I really thought J. Cole should’ve been on there,” continued Sean. “I don’t know if they’re gonna put him on there…just for the good year he had, and he’s a good lyricist.”

“It’s funny how it all works out,” added Sean, who recalled performing with his peer J. Cole. “I remember doing a show with Cole, and there was like thirty people in the crowd, and I went on before him. It was just like, so long ago.” [Video Here]

Spotted at HipHopDX.com!

So far MTV’s Hottest MCs list is as follows:

#10 Wale

#9 Wiz Khalifa

#8 Big Sean

#7 Meek Mill

#6 Jay Z

The last five will be revealed February 19th on MTV 2.

Who do you all think will grace the top 5? Who would you add?

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