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Via UrbanDaily

BET may be losing an integral part of their hit comedy, The Game. Pooch Hall, who plays Derwin Davis, was cast in a pilot for Showtime. The pilot, Ray Donovan, stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character who is a professional “fixer” to the rich and famous. Whenever they have a problem they need handled, they call Ray Donovan.

Pooch Hall will play Daryll, a young fighter who trains at Ray’s brother’s gym. For the time being, Hall will split his time between the BET comedy and the Showtime drama. However, after the current season of The Game, Hall says his character of Derwin Davis will become secondary to his dramatic role.

Will you watch Ray Donovan when it premieres? If Derwin was written out of The Game, would you still watch?

Spotted at BlackThespian.

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