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Via UrbanDaily

There was a war happening on Twitter this past Tuesday involving Chris Brown and WWE wrestler CM Punk. WWE’s champion sparked the feud by saying he’d like to see Chris Brown fight someone who could defend themselves. To which Breezy clowned the wrestler by accusing him of taking steroids and not being able to work the middle because his thing is too little.

CM Punk has taken what was an amusing Twitter beef and put it on video. Punk posted a video message on TMZ calling Chris Brown out once again. Punk’s message included references to Chris Brown needing a PR team to tell him when to tweet and when to delete tweets. He also told Chris that he was able to defend himself without bodyguards and would like to challenge the R&B/pop star to a wrestling match where Punk could make Breezy feel as helpless and alone like any other battered female. Of course, the proceeds would go to a battered women’s shelter of their choosing.

Although it would be hilarious if this wrestling match would actually take place, we all know it won’t because Chris Brown has albums to sell. Breezy is not worried about a wrestler. Check the video out below. Whose side are you on? How much would you pay to see Chris Brown and CM Punk in a wrestling match?