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93.9 WKYS is embracing local talent, and every Monday, we will prominently feature a local artist on the WKYS website.

If you would like to be featured on 93.9 WKYS New Music Monday please submit your song in an MP3 format, your photo, your bio and contact information to our DMV’s OWN page and every Monday we will feature a deserving local artist.

This week’s featured artist is Nu’ The Mayor.

What inspired you to pursue a music career?

My environment inspired me to write my thoughts down….LL Cool J & Rakim inspired me to rhyme them and 2pac showed me that I could use my music as a diary.  Not just 3rd person narratives but I could open up my soul…and thats where the real passion for music came from. I was always on the executive side..I managed a singing group in high school, but Jay Z & Dame made me look at the music business as a business.  They made me think I could make this a career.  Like no selling drugs, no job, just do music and entertainment.

What are your songs about? How would you describe your music for the public audience?

I call my music Soul Hop, I speak from my soul…some rappers write what they think is good, some write what they feel, i write whats in my soul….I bare my soul in my music…I share it all…my thoughts, my feelings, my lessons, my victories, my losses.  Its completely unfiltered.  Its a diary entry that the world has access too…its not just raps…and melodically it’s really….well…musical..lls I love live instrumentation so I pick beats that sound like a band is playing it or that you could imagine my all female band playing live…

If you could perform with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d love to record with 2pac but perform? The greatest shows I have ever seen were Prince & Jay Z.  So maybe Prince…we split a huge set..I do a lot of freaky music too…it would have to be the old Prince…when he still performed his freak music…it would be called the Eargasm Tour and VIP skyboxes at arenas would all have beds and champagne…maybe viagra too…I love when women are turned on by my music and I love women!! I cant wait to meet MY Vanity & Appolonia…I already have plans of having an all female band playing my music when I tour, now. So yeah Prince…Jay Z cant do all that without Beyonce kirkin out…lls  Come to my shows y’all I do them in DC and Baltimore…come out if you hear that G.O.V Life has a show. Its worth it. We pride ourselves on our live show.

What makes you and your music stand out from the rest?

My personality.  I mean lyrically my punch lines are intelligent…their not just easy like uh…”my name aint bic but i keep that flame” im going a little deeper…my voice is deeper than every other rappers voice…maybe Scarface has a deep voice close to mine…thats unique I guess.  I rap on R&B records, Dubstep beats, Gangsta beats, jazz beats, I sampled Beck & The Beatles…feel me?  My lyrics are unapologetic.  Raw with no filter…I’m not trying to be like anyone or rap like anyone else…I think I’m interesting enough to just be myself and entertain you.  I’m a thinker.  I’m very introspective and self actualized so I can tap into those moments of human frailty that will make you root for me like a Rocky movie, make women want me like I’m Goldy, earn a nation of soldiers like 2pac and have the weak hate me more than they hate 50 Cent…It’s my “Xtra” I call it Xtra, I don’t say swagg no more…My Xtra drives em crazy!!!

What message do you want to send to your listeners?

I want you to know…YOU, the person reading this right now..YOU!!! I have a single out now called “Gordan Gartrell” with a B Side called “The N!gga That I Am” videos will be here top of 2012 and the full album “No Brakes” is dropping on my born day 4/17/12 (I’m an Aries) and I will more than likely make the CD free on the net and hard copies for sale at my shows.  Its going to be a great CD for music. I’m not focusing on just DC or just rap..its a CD for music lovers world wide.  I’m CEO of G.O.V Life Entertainment.  Don’t believe all the rumors and lies about me…they talking about me..and what they say about me should really say more about them. My youtube page is I’m on reverb and twitter and facebook just search “Nu The Mayor”.  I’m an entertainer, follow me and my movement and you will be entertained.  I promise that.

You can get at Nu’ at @NuTheMayor