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93.9 WKYS is embracing local talent, and every Monday, we will prominently feature a local artist on the WKYS website.

If you would like to be featured on 93.9 WKYS New Music Monday please submit your song in an MP3 format, your photo, your bio and contact information to our DMV’s OWN page and every Monday we will feature a deserving local artist.

This week’s featured artist is Pro’Verb.

What inspired you to pursue a music career?

I actually never thought I’d get into music as a kid. I never “wanted” to be a rapper. Hip Hop has always been a hobby, but somewhere along the way I found my passion in it. I think the real reason I love music in general is because I see how it affects people. It’s bigger than politics, parenting, religion…all of that. Music can make or break someone in a matter of minutes. I wanna use that power to help people.

How would you describe your music for the public audience?

Conscious lyrics, meets incredible production, meets catchy hooks.

What would you say has been your challenge for you as an artist?

My biggest challenge as an artist has been learning to find my zone and create at the drop of a dime. I’m really hard on myself musically, so typically my writing/ creating process takes some time, but its always worth it. Also, I think realizing the political/ business aspect of the game has kind of been challenging to accept. Sometimes I just want to create and forget about all this “other” stuff, but it really isn’t possible. This is the music BUSINESS!

What was it like performing at Rock the Bells and SXSW?

Life changing. I literally couldn’t believe the people I met backstage. Busta Rhymes, MOP, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Beanie Siegal…Slaughterhouse…just about everyone I’ve ever admired growing up in hip hop was there…AND they got to see me rock. I definitely wanted to be in artist mode, but I was secretly pretty excited to just be there.

What would you say has been your biggest break, thus far in your music career?

I’ve done  Rock The Bells, performed across the country in front of thousands, been on hundreds of blogs, national magazines and newspapers, done countless radio interviews… but MY biggest break is when I dropped my tape last year and packed out a venue, while charging at the door. The feeling of knowing you truly have fans that will pay to come out and see you rock is very dope. By far that was my most memorable moment of my career. It made me feel like we weren’t as far away from “making it” as I previously thought.

What makes you and your music stand out from the rest?

The honesty and passion in it. My music is my life and it’s reflected as such. I’m very passionate about the world around me so my music will share that same passion. I’m a very “conscious” person so my music will reflect that as well. In real life I’m an over analytically, creative, perfectionist so my music will reflect that “weirdo” psychosis.

What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2012? In the next 5 years?

By the end of 2012 I want to be in a bidding war, I want to have performed overseas at least once and I want my organization Will Rap 4 Food to have done hunger benefit concerts in at least three cities outside the DMV area.

In the next five years I will have won at least two Grammys and wrote or co wrote a couple major hits for artists outside the genre of rap/ hip hop. At the end of the day I want to be on a platform where i can influence millions in a positive way and speak life to a lifeless generation. I hope i dont come off like a hippie by saying that…lol.

 What message do you want to send to your listeners?

I hope all my listeners are motivated to find their purpose and calling in this life after hearing my rhymes. I want them to know that anything is possible w/ God on your side. I been through hell…I just want to showcase my journey to heaven! My message is “In all things gain wisdom…live love and love life.”

Why did you decide to use the bible (Proverbs) as the basis of your name?

Frankly I grew up in the church as a PK (preacher’s kid) and the book of proverbs was always my favorite book. Solomon was a genius to me.  One day I was just looking at the words and I saw Pro’ Verb…as in Professional Action. I’ve always seen myself as a professional. My dad later came up with an acronym for “PRO”  (which we use in our slogan “GO PRO OR GO HOME”) which was  P.reparation R.eaches. O.pportunity …he told me that’s when you know your a PRO….we ran with it. Alot of people pronounce PRO’Verb like the biblical book proverbs, but that just motivates me to become even more known as an artist so people can get it right!

How do you spend your free time away from music?

Away from music? What does that even mean? haha. I work ALL the time. I never have a “bored moment”. If I’m not working on music I’m trying to find new ways to get money…if I”m not getting money or in the studio I’m probably playing 2k12, Madden or watching one of Will Ferrell’s movies. I also love the history channel…random I know, but I like learning about the past…helps me prepare for the future.

Find him on Youtube or ReverbNation

You can also get at Pro’Verb at @AllProAllDay

Check out his song “Glory.”

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