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Nas is already receiving backlash for his latest song “Daughters” from his ex Carmen Bryan.

The rapper released the song yesterday (April 26th) and it was about the mistakes he made raising his teenage daughter. Nas mentions the time his daughter, Destiny Jones, tweeted a picture of her stash of condoms and other mistakes she’s made recently. Destiny’s mother and Nas’ ex Carmen Bryan hopped on Twitter to blast Nas’ new single.

Carmen Bryan wasn’t feeling the song and certainly didn’t appreciate Nas putting their daughter on blast either. Bryan tweeted in response to her followers:

Im a mother first, and if Destiny is upset about something-that makes me upset.

I think he really didn’t realize how the song would affect Destiny. He should have allowed her to hear if first.

His short coming was humiliating her in public by rehashing the mistakes she has made via a song. Not right.

…humiliate our children on wax for the mistakes that they make. Who does that?

I didn’t hear anything positive in that song.

That song was created b/c he felt like he owed his listeners an explanation. Period. And I don’t.

He doesn’t owe his fans an explanation with regard to what goes on with Destiny, she is his daughter not his artist. Period.

That’s why he addressed. He cares what you guys think about him. That song was for YOU..not Destiny.

Nas posted a video explaining his inspiration behind the song. After listening to his explanation, let us know if he was wrong for releasing “Daughters” as a single.


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Nas’ Baby Mother Slams “Daughters”  was originally published on theurbandaily.com