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Critics beware! Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t take negative reviews too kindly. Jackson recently got into a twitter beef with AO Scott of The New York Times over his bad review of The Avengers.

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In his review, AO Scott called the Marvel comic film adaptation “hardly worth raging about, its failures are significant and dispiriting.” Scott specifically aired Jackson out when he wrote that Jackson’s portrayal of Nick Fury was “more master of ceremonies than mission commander.” Obviously, Sam Jackson wasn’t having that and had his 825,000 Twitter followers to virtually harass Scott.

Jackson asked his followers to help find AO Scott a job he could actually do because reviewing films isn’t something he’s good at. While Samuel L. Jackson was quick to round up his followers to get crazy with Scott, other writers came to Scott’s defense by sending messages to Jackson about his immaturity. Some writers also reminded him of a little thing called free speech.

AO Scott was unfazed by the whole thing and coolly stated on Twitter, “…I feel more flattered than threatened.” Did Samuel L. Jackson just get sonned?!



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