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The “Singles Ladies” are back at it and taking over Atlanta again. The girls are enjoying a night out at the skate rink when April bumps into a cute guy named, Jason. They exchange numbers, and April hopes he’ll call. Kesha notices that the FBI has frozen her bank account, and they jet out the rink before the FBI comes and takes her car away. Things are getting ugly between Kesha and the FBI.

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Kesha is still keeping her lips sealed for Malcolm, and she’s worried about how she will manage Val’s clothing boutique. This is when Raquel steps in, and decides to take over the store for Kesha. Omar isn’t quite happy about Raquel’s new position especially since he’s been working there for years, and Raquel since last Thursday. Raquel’s mother, Evelyn, isn’t too happy about Raquel’s new position either, and feels as if this little “job” is a waste of her education. Her mom also suggests that Raquel work things out with her ex-fiancee despite his little “flaw” of cheating on her during their party. SMH

Raquel is disgusted at her mother’s request and walks away from her in mid-sentence.

Meanwhile, it’s time for April’s pap smear, and when she lays on the table to get examined, she’s surprised to see that her doctor is her new friend, Jason, from the skating rink. Surprised, April closes her legs, hitting Jason’s face with her knees. He gets up and leaves the room before telling her that “everything looks good down there”. Talk about awkward.

After their strange confrontation, Jason asks April to dinner, and she agrees, after all she already got felt up might as well get a meal out of it.

Raquel takes the girls to the horse stables, and she runs into her old fling, Antonio. Of course, things get hot and heavy between Raquel and Antonio, and we learn that Antonio was her first and her parents did not approve of their hot and heavy relationship. It looks like Raquel isn’t caring too much about what her parents think these days, as she started hanging out with Antonio more frequently. But who could blame her!

Things between April and Jason are heating up, and it seems as if he’s thoroughly obsessed with her and her “cookie”. At first, this is a great thing for April and she’s excited to have a man who takes pleasure in her pleasure. But, after a while, things started getting a little weird and too obsessive, so she breaks it off with him. It was fun while it lasted.

Kesha is still dealing with her legal troubles, and after her lawyer tries to hit on her during their business meeting, Kesha tries hard to keep their relationship on a friendly level, but finds it hard because she has a little inkling for him too. When Kesha’s lawyer comes over her house in the morning to discuss IRS payments, she invited him in for breakfast. A few minutes later Malcolm also stops by to tell her that he’s in the clear with the government. Seeing the lawyer in Kesha’s house makes Malcolm upset and he invites himself in to have breakfast with them.

A few days later, Kesha’s lawyer Sean shows up to the boutique to speak with Kesha in private, but their conversation takes a turn when he kisses her and she kisses back. It looks like their friendship is more than we thought, and now that things are rocky between Kesha and Malcolm, I can only imagine where this “friendship” will go.

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“This Would Be Easier To Explain If You Were In Rehab”, “Single Ladies” [RECAP]  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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