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93.9 WKYS is embracing local talent, and every Monday, we will prominently feature a local artist on the WKYS website.

If you would like to be featured on 93.9 WKYS New Music Monday please submit your song in an MP3 format, your photo, your bio and contact information to our DMV’s OWN page and every Monday we will feature a deserving local artist.

This week’s featured artist is The Archerville Cartel. 

Who is Archerville Cartel?

The Archerville Cartel is a supergroup formed by manager Sean Archer consisting of two solo artist Klazik from Cleveland, OH and Its Tha Koncept from Virginia Beach, VA.

Why did you decide on naming your first album “No Handouts”?

We felt the need to make a statement. We are willing to work hard for any and everything on our own without asking for handouts.

Talk about what you represent about the local area?

We represent a rare yet unique blend of musical talent.  We have the ability to adapt to all genres of hip hop. We are known for our high degree of lyricism and our impeccable stage performance.

What are you talking about or doing that nobody else is? How are you different?

Without giving away all of our secrets we talk and do what nobody else does. We are far from commercialized and let our lyrics speak for what we are about.  We make music that anyone can relate to.

What has been your most noteworthy moment in music so far?

The success of our Tag Team Champions video which has over 85K views right now and growing each day on Youtube. It’s a good look for independent artists that are fairly new to the rap scene.

How can people find you and get your music?

You can search for the Archerville Cartel on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Bandcamp and Datpiff.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel @205archer. Follow us on Twitter at @SeanArcher205 @Klazified @ItsThaKoncept

@Archerville and of course you can Google us.

Check them out at

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