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On September 18th, Michael Jackson‘s Bad album will be reissued. The reissue of Michael’s hit album will feature a bonus DVD, bonus songs, and other bonus pictures. Along with Bad being reissued, Spike Lee is directing a documentary about the album.

Slated to hit theaters later this year, Spike Lee says the film will be about the album’s making and impact on the music industry. Lee says he learned about his friend when he was going through footage for the documentary. The entire Michael Jackson vault was opened for Lee and his crew to put together the documentary. He called the vault a “treasure chest of findings.” Spike spoke to The Huffington Post about the film where he said, “We have footage in this documentary that no one’s ever seen, stuff that Michael shot himself, behind-the-scenes stuff. We had complete access to the vaults of Michael Jackson. … He wrote 60 demos for the Bad record. Only 11 made it. So we got to hear a lot of that stuff, too, so it was just a great experience.”

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Lee’s film also aims to show Michael Jackson’s personality. “He had a great sense of humor, and he was funny – so you’ll see a lot of that stuff,” he said.

The documentary will also feature interviews with some of today’s biggest artists and other entertainers who got a chance to work with the King of Pop before his June 2009 passing. Kanye West and Mariah Carey are among the names that will be interviewed for the film. Sheryl Crow, who worked as Michael’s background singer for the Bad tour, will be featured in the film as well.


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