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Robin Roberts is feeling the affects of her battle with bone marrow disease and said so on-air during a Tuesday morning edition of “Good Morning America.”

Roberts, who survived breast cancer in 2007, was scheduled to to go on vacation around this time anyway. But she announced during the Tuesday show that she would be leaving earlier, according to the New York Daily News.

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“Well a full disclosure here, I’m not feeling too well,” Roberts said at 8:08 a.m. “In fact, I’m going to leave, and let you all do the rest of the program on your own. I’m going to take a little time off, just to get some vacay. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

Here is more from The Daily News:

Appearing upbeat and energetic, she joked with colleague Josh Elliott, and even made fun of herself for have a little trouble pronouncing a word. “I can’t talk on this side of my mouth,” she confessed.

Roberts was suffering for a sore jaw as a result of a treatment of MDS.

“We’re going to miss you, but we do appreciate the Jimmy Cagney impersonation before you leave,” Elliott joked back. Both then did their best impersonations of the actor, and Roberts did not stay for the rest of second hour of the show.

Weather anchor Sam Champion wrapped up the segment with, “Our Robin Roberts, we love you. Get a little rest. Take a week off, take two, then come back.”

Roberts is expected to return to work mid-August and leave again for a bone-marrow transplant

Let us keep Mrs. Roberts in our prayers. She is a jewel of a human being!

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