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Following the recent death of my long time industry associate/friend,  Chris Lighty, my spirit compelled me to share this information about the not so much talked about illness of depression.  Although many don’t talk about it, depression is wide spread in our community.  Many people suffering from depression, actually don’t know that they are suffering.. and attempt to live a normal life, struggling day to day silently.  Below I have a few links that will give you a little insight on Depression, my late friend, Music Mogul Chris Lighty.. and a little *Food For Your Spirit* to help you out if you are going thru something! 

Stay Blessed~  Coka-Lani

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Click Here For A List Of Signs, Causes & Types Of Depression

Music Mogul Chris Lighty 

(Rest In Peace)

Chris Lighty, Owner and Founder of Violator Management & Records, recently took his life after personal issues and secretly battling with depression

(click here for story)

Lighty was responsible for many of the artist that you hear and love today like: