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GOP darling, Ann Coulter, has no problem placing her ignorance on display for the world to see, and her appearance on ‘The View’ proved to be no exception.

Shamelessly plugging her book, “Mugged,” in which she attempts to position herself as an expert on all things Black, she explains that liberals are race-mongers who don’t care about Black people, and that the O.J. Simpson verdict was good for us because it closed the “white guilt bank.” Prior to that, she said so-called “Brooklyn juries” wouldn’t even convict “guilty Black criminals,” but apparently returning an innocent verdict for “The Juice” leveled the playing field and “it was the best thing that ever happened [to us.]“

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She also threw in for good measure, in hopes that Black people are complete idiots, that Nixon’s Southern Strategy was a figment of our imaginations and that Republicans have always been, and continue to be pro-Black.

In short: She sounded like a damn fool.

Before she could finish with that extreme line of revisionist thinking, Whoopi Goldberg stopped her in her tracks:

“Oh you know what, hold up Ms. Coulter, please stop. Please stop,” Goldberg interrupted. “If you are going to talk about race, at least, at least, know what you’re talking about.”

“What don’t I know?” Coulter asked.

“Well tell me what you know about being black,” Goldberg said. “Your facts are a little shaky. I mean, you’re saying that because liberals have abandoned black people now—what? I don’t get it. I don’t understand.”

See video below:

“Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t, I’m sorry! That’s bull, that’s bull,” Goldberg said at one point during the exchange.

Yes, indeed it is. But nothing more should be expected from Ann Coulter.


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