Actress Gabrielle Union recently spoke out about her long time relationship with Miami Heat basketball star D. Wade and their plans for the future!! 

JustTheFabMag.Com interview Gabrielle was asked

On whether she plans to get married in the near future

“I don’t know. I mean, we like each other a lot and we both failed miserably  the last time either one of us got married. So, I think we’re doing it slow, you  know what I mean? I think when you rush in, then people have crap to say. If you  go too slow, people still have stuff to say, so, I think we have to just take it  at the pace that’s great for us. But, who knows? I’m open to everything, but  right now I just like saying “my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend D Wade’. And then maybe later, provided my eggs aren’t dust, we’ll see what I can  (coughs) cough  out.”

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