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BBW’s  Jackie Christie…just dropped her new single…“Woman Of The Year”

Speaking of BBW…Royce Reed has asked a judge to force her baby daddy Dwight Howard to pay her legal fees in their custody battle…since his money is so much longer…he can simply out spend her and it wouldn’t be a fair fight

I’m sure Rocsi is not really rebounding with Sean Kingston of all people…cuz they made sure to be spotted having dinner Saturday night

Teyanna Taylor has lots to be thankful for…she just inked a deal with Adidas to help them design a new show that will drop in February

Remember Latocha Scott…from Xscape…well she randomly dropped a new Christmas song…even more random…is she just signed on to do a new reality show on VH-1…about her trying to get back into the music game…her life after Xscape…as she tries to mend the broken fences with the other girls from the group

The emergency order of protection against Gabriel Aubry expires tomorrow…and Halle is planning to high tail it to the court to ask the judge to extend it indefinitely

Katt Williams latest outburst may actually affect is pockets…remember last week I told you that he got into it with a heckler…took off his clothes and tried to fight a few people in the audience…well him and Live Nation have just been hit with a class action lawsuit for his little episode

Speaking of hecklers…yesterday Chris Breezy got into a pretty nasty Twitter beef with comedy writer Jenny Jones…here’s what went down…Breezy tweeted that he looks crazy old…but is only 23…well she replied…yeah “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh-t can really age a person”…and that’s when things went to the left…and Rih Rih brought up a good point…she posted a photo of the numerous mean spirited things the chick has said about Chris over the last 2 years…if you dislike him so much…than why follow him…I’m just saying

Oh…remember a few weeks ago Joseline went off on Stebbie…via Twitter of course…well it looks like they’ve made up…at least enough to get this paper…cuz they sure hosted some parties together last night

Looks like Weezy is ready to hang up the mic after he drops the Carter V…

Speaking of YMCMB…Nicki says the reason for her poor album sales is cuz Walmart and Target didn’t even carry “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up”…I’m sure it has nothing to do that it is mostly the same music people have already paid for…just a thought!

I’m Deja Perez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”