Sunday’s Redskins game against the Baltimore Ravens was amazingly storybook in its ending: upstart team loses its young star quarterback with two minutes left in the game and a 8 point deficit. Insert less heralded rookie back up quarkerback. He finishes what RG3 started and the Redskins go home winners and 6-6 record.

Next week they play Cleveland. That’s not an opponent that exactly leaves teams quivering in their cleats but still, the Redskins are fighting for the division and a playoff spot. Every win matters. And even more so if there is a chance that Robert Griffin III won’t beĀ available.

Can the ‘Skins do it with Kirk Cousins? The rookie has shown promise is his limited action (and some concern) but the last thing Washington needs is lost momentum and RGIII gives them that. Griffin is not ruled out for Sunday but just in case he can’t start, do you think the Redskins can win with Kirk Cousins?

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