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Tonight was the season two finale, and part one of ‘Basketball Wives LA’.  The show ended with Bambi trying to fight Gloria on the bus, the ladies attempting to mend broken friendships, and Jackie breaking down expressing heartfelt feelings.  Malaysia mentioned at their last dinner that the trip to New Orleans to build a house was supposed to help build their relationships, but none of that happened as the finale ended with problems unresolved.

Moving on to the part one of the ‘Basketball Wives LA: Reunion’.  The show was hosted again by John Salley in none other, Los Angeles.  Most of the ladies looked great, while some choice of fashion was quite questionable.

The reunion opened with discussion on the whole Jackie drama that the ladies had, and the decision to give her a second chance. There was a hilarious snap match between Laura and Jackie during the discussion of their situation.  Each calling each other old, ugly, and cheap.  Once that boiled over, the friendship between newest cast member Brooke Bailey and Draya was brought up.  It looks as if Brooke is going to give Draya a second chance.  Yes, that means that Draya finally apologized for not being sincerely happy for Brooke getting the King Magazine cover.

Another interesting highlight in the show, was a freestyle battle between Bambi and Jackie.  Okay it wasn’t much of a battle, but the two did spit a few rhymes, which resulted in Bambi being picked as the audience’s winner.

Jackie and Laura were not the only two who were taking shots at each other, Bambi and Gloria got into it as well.  Bambi mentioned Gloria’s past again, while Gloria made it a point for everyone to know that she was the reason Basketball Wives LA even existed.

Needless to say, it was an interesting part one reunion.  Next week will be the airing of part two, Monday, December 17th at 8 o’clock.  The show is supposed to open with a series of questions from host John Salley that will leave viewers in shock!



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