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 Ol’ Boy better calm down before Kanye have Jay drop him from the team!

Rumor has it, Brooklyn Nets Forward (& Ex Husban dof Kim Kardashian) is trying to sabotage Kanye West & Kim K & their family to be! Check out this article!



HollywoodLife reports:

Since Kanye West announced that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with his baby, estranged husband Kris Humphries has reportedly been telling his friends that he’s “got all the power” now.

“He brags to everyone that he has that power. He’s said it a million times,” a source close to Kris tells New York Daily News.

“They can’t go to court until his basketball season is over, so he tells people that he is in control of her misery. When he found out about the baby, he was bragging to all of his friends that he wasn’t going to ‘allow’ her to be divorced when she had the baby. He intends to tell his attorney when they set a trial date next month that he can’t do it until late summer. It’s all planned and calculated,” the source adds.

While Kim is not surprised by Kris’ antics at this point, she is shocked that he would try to get custody of her unborn baby girl. Kris will legally be “presumed” to be the father of Kim’s baby, as long as he is still married to her when the baby is born.

A source close to Kim tells exclusively, “Kim was shocked when she found out that Kris could technically try to get custody. It sounds totally crazy! Why would he do that when it’s only going to make him look bad. But Kim wouldn’t put anything past Kris, all he cares about is hurting her, so of course she’s worried that he’ll do something to ruin the best moment of her life.”

Our insider adds, “It’s upsetting for her, but she’s still not going to give in. Kim’s a fighter and even though a lot of people think that Kim took advantage of Kris it was the other way around. She did love him and she gave him a hundred percent so there’s no way she’s going to turn around and say it was a fraud – that would be lying to the court.”

The question that other sources are posing are whether or not the stress of her divorce will cause harm to the baby. I doubt it, pregnant chicks go through a lot… I think she will be fine but what she needs to do if she is going to try and become wifey material, she needs to make sure she ties loose ends in her last relationship! Just my opinion!

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