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Being only 14 days into the 2013 year, Chicago has made news headlines daily.  The headlines however aren’t regarding the second term of it’s former Senator, but more so highlighting the violence.

Last year there were 506 murders within the city.  In this short time in the new year, there are already a reported 22 murders in the city.  The common denominator in this city’s violence, the youth.  The ages of the ones involved, victim or suspect, have been under the age of 17 (not even legal).  This terrible reality has been noticed nationally, and some feel that President Obama, the former Senator, isn’t doing anything to help.  The latest person to voice their opinion on Chicago and its violence, has been rapper Shyne.

Shyne sent out several tweets, mentioning the President and his “lack” of involvement in what has been going on in Chicago.  Here is what Shyne tweeted :

“#Yes u can! @BarackObama u can do something tho curb the violence in the inner cities across America, especially your hood in Chicago”

“Dear @BarackObama there has to be something that the former US senator from Chicago can do for his former constituents!  The genocide must stop”

“My comrades in Chiraq need opportunity!  They need education & hope!  @BarackObama declare a war on poverty!  Declare a war on lack of education”

Shyne not only feels that President Obama should step in, but he also feels that officials of Chicago should do the same.  Some feel that Chicago needs more after school programs, and mentoring programs for the inner city youth.  With these programs, there could be a change in idle activity.

Gun violence has been a top priority of the Obama administration, and the country as of late.  Obama and his team are taking the needed steps to fix gun policies, which will hopefully lessen the chances of senseless violence.




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