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And once again, it’s on!

The fiesty Erica Mena from Vh1 ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ has just publicly threatened Power 105 Breakfast Club co-host, Angela Yee!

Just moments ago, Erica Mena threated Angela Yee on Twitter:

If you’re wondering where all of this coming from, let me inform you. From what I understand, all of this started after last week’s episode when Erica & her “friend” L’orel got into an argument on the show. The following morning, L’Orel was on The Breakfast Club. Erica must wasn’t a fan of the comments that Angela Yee had to say during the interview.

If you have been keeping up with ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’, you see that Erica Mena is trying to step into the music world. Recently, a snippet of one of her songs hit the net.

On Twitter, Yee asked if anyone was a fan of Mena’s record.

From the responses not too many people were surprised. I’m ROTFLMAO at Yee calling her a Chihuahua.

Erica Mena got wind of what Yee was doing, and threatened her. Yee saw her tweet and responded simply with “So sad that this person has a child somewhere in the world..”

Stay Tuned…….


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