Lupe Fiasco, “Building Minds Faster”

N*gga, wake up, don’t join the Army

Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminatis

And they ain’t even real, or are they?

Public Enemy, “See Something, Say Something”

Running from the paparazzi/Dirty mind and tap water Consumin’ yo’ body/ Illuminati in the tomb

Poisonin’ the womb

Crooked I, “Everyday Lyrics”

Quick question, who embodies skills

If you don’t buy my shit I bet the Illuminati will n*gga

Kid Vishis, “Go Hard PT. 1″

It cost me nothin’ to take your money…Ruger by me /You with a gun is a bigger myth than Jay-Z in the Illuminati

J.Cole “Miss America”

This is dedication/Slit your f*ckin’ throat and blame it on my medication/

Illuminati meeting, showed up late and met a Mason

Kanye West, “Diamonds” remix

Illuminati, High society/We in this party and nobody invited me

Jay-Z “Hot Tottie”

Call me King Hov, copy?/Big ballin is my hobby

So much so they think I’m down with the illuminati

Eminem, “Game Over”

Illuminati is here, yeah, human oddities

At odds with us, just whats gotta be

Rass Kass, “Ispit”

Rasy should be more popular to the populace

They hate me mostly cuz I’m smarter plus my skin chocolate

Illuminati tentacles wanna drown me like an octopus

Mos Def, “Fortified Live”

The interplanetary Illuminati move your body/I trekked the stars first, so f*ck Kirk and Scotty

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