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Nicki Minaj, “Out of My Mind”

You know, I graduated summa cum laude/That’s why they thinking I’m Illuminati

Wale, “Self Made”

I don’t gotta join illuminati just to get a new Bugatti

I’m just ridin I done put a thousand miles on my body

Young Jeezy, “Never Die”

Guess they find it odd how a n*gga beat the odds

No illuminati never been a fan of Satan

Immortal Technique, “Cause Of Death”

And you can’t fathom the truth, so you don’t hear me

You think Illuminati’s just a f*ckin’ conspiracy theory

Childish Gambino, -”You See Me”

I got a bunch of jackanapes at the back of me

That’ll lacerate anyone in the back of a matinee

And laugh while they masturbatin’ all over your beaten body

Sick Boi forever, that Suburban Illuminati

Homeboy Sandman, “Canned Goods”

And everybody’s talking about HAARP

Hypothesizing how apocalypse about to start

And how Illuminati’s reaching their goal

As far as global population control

Kanye West, “Freestyle”

A black man interested in art, speaking from the heart and playin’ my part

And all this illuminati talk, like my first hit single wasn’t ‘Jesus Walks’

Layzie Bone, “Can’t Give It Up”

I’m comin through with the motherfuckin shotty

I really don’t wanna hurt nobody; just kill off Illuminati

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