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Another day, and another celebrity is caught slipping! Though Meek Mill didn’t get exposed like JR Smith, but he did get caught with his pants down.

Get Informed and see the pictures, after the jump!

According to HiphopMorning, ”Meek Mill has become the latest victim to be exposed. Just a regular girl who happens to be a big fan of Meek had the time of her life. Surprisingly she wasn’t even in it for the money, she just wanted the goods. Well, now text messages leading to and after the encounter has surfaced. A very excited fan of Meek who goes by the name of Alexus had been text messaging a friend revealing she bagged the rap star and she would be sleeping with him. After she reached her goal she snapped pictures of Meek snoring.

At least Meek had on some decent draws! LOL! You know? Not to mention, she could have caught him “after the action”…and you know sometime after the “wrestling” it all goes down hill from there. lol.


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