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Kendrick Lamar fans!!

Kendrick Lamar and actor Shia LaBeouf may potentially be partnering to create a short film based on Kendrick’s hit debut album “Good kid, M.A.A.D city.” Kendrick has yet to reveal any full details.

Kendricklamar.org says Kendrick sat down with GQ in December with a plan to create a short film based off the album. Then in January, he met with FUSE and said that he may be working with Shia LaBeouf on the short. Unfortunately, they were unable to thoroughly discuss the plan due to a time constraint.

“We actually had a meeting, but our scheduled conflicted… Shia LaBeouf, he got a crazy creative mind, but once we really do sit down and lock in, it’s gonna be insane,” Kendrick said.

“He wanted to do a video, he had a few ideas… that was the time I was recording the album and going on the road, so I couldn’t really sit down for a period of time.”

It appears Kendrick chose Shia LeBeouf because he has a history of creating film projects with rappers. Shia directed a music video for Cage’s “I Never Knew You,” and had an idea of creating a movie about the underground rapper. In 2011, Shia also had the opportunity to work with Kid Cudi and release a short film/music video starring both Kid Cudi and Cage for their song “Maniac”.

Hopefully this short film idea turns into reality. As a Kendrick Lamar fan myself, I will be one of the first to view it.

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