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Oh, Chris Brown. The embattled R&B singer had so many fans coming to his defense when that Law & Order episode aired loosely based on his violent past with fellow Pop Star Rihanna. “He’s changed,” they cried. “Let him live,” they challenged.  The portrayal was considered way over the top even by Breezy standards. But now he has given comedy writers, bloggers and anyone with a Twitter account more ammunition.

In an incident that sounds more like an “SNL” sketch than real life, Chris Brown, a millionaire, was video taped by TMZ arguing with a valet outside of a bowling alley over a $10 service fee.

Brown, who probably has left more money between the sculpted cheeks of the finest brass pole technicians than some people make in a month, felt the fee was exorbitant considering that he had only been in the Bowling Alley for 30 minutes. Clearly, he hasn’t tried parking legally in NY.

Watch both videos of the altercation below where Chris is heard saying, ”We gonna turn this whole thing on out.”

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