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Not only did Wendy Williams’ talk show get picked up for more episodes to run into the summer…she’s also working on a new “Ask Wendy” book, which drops May 7

R. Kelly’s golden shower Chicago mansion was officially foreclosed $950K.

Chris Breezy is getting his do good on…he helped tag a wall last week…to help raise money for the Best Buddies International foundation.

Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifah are about to set it off again…she’s going to be producing Queen Latifah’s new talk show which debuts in September

Looks like Monica and her hubby Shannon Brown have landed back on the baby bump watch list…she was at Jazz in the Gardens last weekend…and tried with everything in her power to hide her emerging belly

OMG…not sure if you’ve seen the photo of Ray J giving it to Justin Bieber from the back…well it’s clearly a Kim K?Ray J special…with Justin face added in…so I can’t blame him for wanting it removed…ASAP!

I’m hearing that Kim and Kanye may have had a commitment ceremony out in Turks & Caicos last week

Weezy is officially a free man…he’s been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery

Nicki Minaj has created a whole new perfume bottle for her UK Barbz…it’s called “BritishPink”

Soulja Boy’s social networks got hacked…and the hackers even deleted all of his YouTube…supposedly he found out who the hacker is…and is offering up $20k to someone one who can hack the hackers stuff…to show him what it feels like

Miguel, Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill will be featured in GQ Style UK‘s “Bigger Than Hip-Hop” issue

Speaking of Meek…I hear he was in court last Friday…he’s fighting with his probation officer…who’s trying to say that Meek’s crazy tour schedule is a parole violation

Justin Timberlake is like the male Beyonce…I told you yesterday about him planning to drop the 20/20 experience vol 2 this November…he’s also keeping them acting checks coming in…cuz he’s gonna star as Daddy Warbucks in the remake of Annie…and he and Jay may be planning there own collabo album…a la Watch the throne 2013…oh Kanye is gonna be in his uber feelings!

LaToya Jackson took ratchet…next level…if you recall…a few months ago actor Michael Clarke Duncan suffered a heart attack and died…and his fiancé Omarosa was devastated…so Sunday night on celebrity apprentice…LaToya blames Omarosa for the heart attack and says: O is a conniving, scheming, cut-throat –– probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke…not mad at Omarosa suing her for defamation of character

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