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In sad news…remember Real from “Real Chance of Love”…well keep him in your prayers…he’s suffering from stage 4 colon cancer

Diggy is finally legal…he turned 18 today

Cassie, Karrueche and Diddy were chillin on Wiz video shoot for Paradise

Can you believe there is still a battle going on for the rights to Aaliyah’s songs…supposedly this company has been illegally selling her music on Itunes for years

J.Lo was in the studio last night working on album #10 with Chris Breezy

King Bey revealed her new H&M ads

A judge granted Rihanna a 3 year restraining order…for the crazy stan that tried to break into her house last month in LA

Why are our tax payers dollars even wasted like this…Bobby Brown turned himself in yesterday to do 55 days for a DUI…so why was he out 9 hours…and will have to wear an ankle bracelet for his 8 days of house arrest…talk about a slap on the wrist

Not sure I’m buying that Weezy was poisoned instead of going into a drug enduced seizure…supposedly someone slipped something into his syzurp

According to Weezy’s camp…the reason he was in the hospital so long was cuz they wanted to run so many test on him

I told you months ago that Nicci Gilbert got axed from R&B Divas…despite her saying it wasn’t true…now after he husband got into it with former Xscaper Latocha’s husband…now Nicci is claiming she quit the show…which is interesting since she’s an executive producer…and rumor is Faith may not be on too many episodes either

Yesterday I told you about Too Short getting arrested…well of course there is video of dude trying to make a get away…on foot from the cops…cuz he’s never had a good experience with law enforcement…sure cuz running from cops is always the best way to win friends and influence others…anywho…now he’s claiming the drugs the cops say they found in the back of the cruiser…didn’t belong to him…sure…cuz cops generally leave drugs and stuff in their car instead of taking it in as evidence…and he says he’s a weed many…and never messes with the powder…sure!!!

So last night Chad Ochocinco started going in on Evelyn on Twitter…so much for doing everything in his power to win her back…anywho…he says Ev was cheating with a member of YMCMB (hence the book deal)…I give Ev credit…she did not take the bait…she just posted positive IG messages…can’t say the same for her daughter who called Chad…an abusive sex addict who has a kid that he doesn’t even take care of…and he should rot in hell

In other reality tv love news…the drama between LAHHNY’s Erica Mena…Rich Dollaz and his ex Tiffany is too much…supposedly Tiffany was bunned up with E…trying to get her to fall in love with her…than run back to Rich to spill the T on the infidelity…the ratchet on the twitter beef was turnt all the way up

I’m @dejaperez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”

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