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CLOSE‘s resident rumor chief Illseed is reporting that one of Hollywood’s most notable bromances is having problems. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are reportedly upset with one another on both a professional and friendship level according to Illseed.

It seems the pair’s friendship is in peril over Arsenio’s new show that will be making it’s debut in the fall. Apparently the former late night talk show king, Arsenio, has been making the rounds throughout Hollywood, attempting to stack the deck in his favor with interviews for his new show’s debut.

However, upon being asked by his good friend to take part in the new show, Eddie declined. The reason? Allegedly, because he feels that Arsenio has been riding his coat tails for too long. Illseed reports that Eddie felt Arsenio had capitalized off of his name too many times.

Apparently, some sources are saying that Eddie is jealous of Arsenio’s comeback because his own movies have not been doing so great at the box office. But if you stop to consider, that there are at least two generations of kids, who don’t even know that Eddie used to do anything but animated or family flix, then you sort of have to think this can’t be very true. His animated movies have done very well.  Honestly, the Shrek franchise alone has made Eddie zillions of dollars for sure.

But if this story is true, we hope they resolve it. There are plenty of reasons to stay mad at someone, but this probably isn’t one of them. Life’s too short to fall out with good friends over petty things. If Eddie doesn’t want to be interviewed cool, keep it moving. But should they let go of a multi-decade friendship over it?


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