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From The Sound Live:

The new father on the block, Wiz Khalifa is back to business focusing on expanding his bottom line, his latest venture takes him into the world of fashion. Wiz Khalifa has branched off into fashion heading a new brand entitled ‘Freshko’. 

The full introduction will nearly 300 different shirts and bottoms and 150 of those items will be available today. 

A portion of the formal Freshko Statement (Read the full statement here ): 

 It is a movement, lifestyle and stee with deep roots in graffiti, music, art and fashion. A few ways to describe our style, which we like to call stee, is smooth, timeless, relevant, classic, balance, versatile, strong, positive and universal. As Wiz said music, graffiti, art, skating & even dancing all fall under the same roof -skills- a way to express yourself, be apart of a team and put vision & knowledge of your craft out there to share with others. That is what we are building at Freshko, a skilled team.

Wishing him the best. 



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