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So what’s the protocol when your fiancee breaks up with you and she keeps your $800K ring? This happened to NFL star Mario Williams, and he decided to sue.

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He gave his ex, Erin Marzouki, a 10-carat engagement ring totaling to the tune of $785,000, back in February 2012, and at the time of the engagement, it was made clear that if the two parted ways she would return the ring, according to The Bleacher Report. Marzouki called it off this January.

The lawsuit alleges that she only wanted Williams for his money. He just signed a $96 million deal with the Buffalo Bills last year.

“(Marzouki) never intended to marry (Williams) and used the relationship as a means to get to (Williams’) money and acquire gifts,” said the lawsuit (per the Houston Chronicle).

Williams’ suit also alleges Marzouki ran up $108,000 on an American Express card he gave her, along with another $230,000 in “additional luxurious items.”

He gave her the ring when he was still playing for the Texans, and in the Lone Star State, they are no-fault for gifts, which means if an engagement is broken off, the person who gave the ring is allowed to give it back.

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