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  It’s been 1 year since the craziness took place across the country, where several weak souls resulted to trying new drugs to reach new highs, bath salts, which brought the nation as close to the zombie apocalypse as ever. This time last year, individuals high off of a new strain of drugs called bath salts, had began eating people’s flesh while they were still alive and attacking people to get their flesh.

One of the victims was a homeless Miami man who had his face completely mangled and eaten under a busy Miami freeway before police stepped in and killed the suspect who would not stop chewing this man’s face. Well, one year after the events, the victim has come forth showing that he has recovered from the incidents — Mentally. Physically, he is still scarred and will forever be blind. Dr’s are certainly proud of the work they did to piece the victim, Ronald Roppo, back together as best they could. Check out the pictures and video below, certainly hope you are not eating. 

Exclusive MUST SEE video of the victim right here.




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