Fans of "The Walking Dead" know just how crazy the story lines can get, but never were they meant to spill over into real life.

Lil Kim released a new song, “Dead Gal Walking” that finds the Queen Bee sporting a West Indian accent a-la her “Lighters Up” days. Some…

From The Sound Live:   It’s been 1 year since the craziness took place across the country, where several weak souls resulted to trying new drugs to reach new highs, bath salts, which brought the nation as close to the zombie apocalypse as ever. This time last year, individuals high off of a new strain […]

Bath salts aren’t the only thing that we have to worry about. The zombie apocalypse has spread to China as a drunken bus driver attacked a woman last Tuesday afternoon. According to Daily News, the intoxicated bus driver gnawed on the female driver’s face after blocking her car on a road in eastern China. A man […]