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I hope that this diss track doesn’t mean that Benzino is trying to make a comeback…

If you are a devoted watcher of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, then you know of the whole Joseline and Benzino ordeal.  If you don’t let me fill you in.

Karli Redd who dated Benzino, is claiming that she saw a sex tape of Benzino and Joseline Hernandez.  Joseline is the “girlfriend” (use that term lightly), of Benzino’s long time friend Stevie J.  Ever since Karli Redd told Joseline, it has been hell between these four.

With a whole bunch of he say and she say, it is hard to know who is actually telling the truth; Benzino however knows.  Even though on the show he denies having slept with Joseline in the past until he is blue in the face, he comes clean in this diss track.  The track is simply about Benzino having sex like an animal.  There are also features from Joseline and Karli Redd.  The two are not rapping on the track (which would have helped their “music careers”), instead, talking points from their c0nversation on the show were inserted.

Benzino is an intersting character, and once all four of them hear this track, it is going to be even more drama!  Take a listen to Benzino’s diss track, and hit me on Twitter (@REDalert__) with your thoughts.



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