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Blackstreet was one of the hottest and best R&B guy groups in the 90’s.  With hits like “Don’t Leave Me”, “Before I Let You Go”, and of course “No Diggity”, the group had the 90’s on lock!

All good things must come to an end however.  The group had several member changes during it’s run.  Adding in David Hollister, Mark Middleton, and Eric Williams.  One thing that stayed the same, no matter the members, was the name.  The name ‘Blackstreet’ was “property of Teddy Riley, who is an original member.  Now, original member Chauncey Black, wants the name which he claims to be his.

Chauncey Black has filed a law suit against Teddy Riley, claiming that the name ‘Blackstreet’ belongs to him, and that Teddy Riley is using the name illegally.  How illegally…well Riley is supposedly performing with a band claiming them to be Blackstreet when they are not.

Now Teddy Riley did own the name ‘Blackstreet’ at one point in time, but when his ownership time expired, Chauncey Black quickly picked up the ownership rights.

Don’t remember Blackstreet!?  Check this video!



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