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Really!?  Like for real Chief Keef…get it together!!

My exact words when I found out the “Hate Bein’ Sober” rapper was arrested again.  It seems as if his arrests get dumber and dumber each time!  I’m starting to think, that Chief Keef is not about this career path, and more so about being young and reckless.

With the latest arrest of Chief Keef, it is 0bvious that he is speeding towards destruction.  Literally, that was the charge of this arrest.  Genius Chief Keef was arrested in his home state of Illinois, for going 110 MPH in a 55 MPH zone!  Why!?  What makes matters worse about this ordeal, is that Keef ONLY has a permit to drive.

Because Chief Keef only has a permit, he is allowed to have up to one passenger in the car with him while he’s driving.  Continiuing to break the law however, Keef had three passengers in the car with him; clearly breaking the rules of the permit.  Once Keef was taken into custody, his 2011 BMW X6 M was released to one of the passengers that was in the car with him.

This is the second arrest for the teen in the past 7 days.  I really need and want his management, family, mentors, anyone with his best interest to lead him in the right direction.  Since releasing his first single “Don’t Like”, he has gained a huge following.  This will all be a thing of the past however if he doesn’t staighten up and fly right!




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