On May 19th during mid-performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Miguel unfortunately adorned Khyati Shah, as she was standing in the pit area while he performed. Immediately, after his performance Miguel was spotted backstage talking to Khyati and everything seem to be all good.

“”Well, I think it’s kind of clear what happened. But I’m very happy to bring my new friend, Khyati; we just met. Unfortunately, we did not meet under the best circumstances, but I think we’re OK,” Miguel said with Shah by his side. Adding, “The crazy thing is, when you’re performing and you’re just kind of into it, you never know where it’s gonna go and where you’re gonna go with it, and how that might turn out. So this is one of the less-favorable moments.” (MTV)

He later tweeted, “Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay.”

Almost a month later, the Khyati story of being okay has changed.

Khyati’s lawyers tell TMZ that she should have been rushed to the hospital immediately after the accident. Due to the injury and lack of treatment, Shah is having more medical issues.

“Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury.”

Does anyone else beside me smell something fishy? Let me just say, her lawyers, doctors, and family are coercing that lady to get a check. Trust and believe. I knew a lawsuit was coming! Not that it’s a bad thing (even though it was a mistake), she should have looked hurt right from the jump. If she was so hurt she shouldn’t have been in groupie mode meeting him backstage. Let it had been me, they would have to cut to commercial and had me airlifted out of the middle of the venue and some mo’ ish.

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