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“Body Party” singer Ciara may be facing some legal issue.  The R&B singer is being sued by a West Hollywood gay bar for backing out of her June 7th (tonight) performance.

The club “The Factory” is suing Ciara for a breach of contract.  According to the club Ciara “unexpectedly pulled the plug on the whole thing on June 3, leaving the nightclub without a star for its big Friday night pre-gay parade bash”. It is stated she had signed a contract to perform at the club for $10,000.

The nightclub is not only trying to sue CiCi for her breach of contract but as well as for all the money they had spent to promote the event and more. Well not so fast Factory! CiCi’s rep stated “the lawsuit is bogus because Ciara backed out before  a deal was ever finalized… Depsite being notified early last week that Ciara could not appear, the Factory continued to marked and promote Ciara’s appearance.”

Now, I do not know what to believe but I can not see CiCi just backing out of anything for no legit reasoning. She likes keeping her money up! But what I do find crazy is why the nightclub continued to promote Ciara’s performance if they knew she had to back out. She should not have to pay for people not using their common sense.

CiCi keep your head up!

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