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The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Porsha Stewart will be packing up her ish and moving out the mansion she shares with soon to be ex. husband former NFL star Kordell Stewart. As we all know, after season 5 of RHOA Porsha and Kordell’s relationship went downhill. Kordell blind-sided Porsha by filing for divorce a few weeks after she professed her love to Kordell and stood grounds for her marriage on the reunion of RHOA.

Unfortunately, Porsha found out about her husband filing for divorce on Twitter and attorney confirmed it to her. It is very evident Mr. Stewart is not a man if he could not face his wife and or work through their troubles.

Porsha did appear on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happen’s Live a couple of weeks after the news broke about the divorce and she told Andy Cohen, the two were still living in the same household and not talking.

Well… no longer will the two live together!

TMZ reports “Kordell and the “Real Housewives” star are in a nasty divorce battle. Recently, Porsha asked the court allow her to keep using the couple’s GA mansion, after Kordell changed the locks, arguing she had no place to go.

Kordell fought back. He denied the lock-out and asked the judge to shoot down her request.

Then on June 18th the Fulton County Court judge sided with Kordell, temporarily granting him the exclusive right to use the crib … and ordered Porsha to move out.

It’s not all bad news for Porsha … the judge also ordered Kordell to cough up $5,000 / month in alimony for the next 3 months, hand over all of Porsha’s belongings and pay for moving costs and a storage unit while she transitions.

And not everything is set in stone, the court will issue a final decision at a later date.”

Now if you ask me, Kordell should be the gentleman and let Porsha have the mansion. But Kordell is not a gentleman and he has truly confirmed that by his actions with this divorce situation. Porsha you are youthful, beautiful and a little naive but you will find a man to bedazzle you back up! As Fantasia can say “You Have To Lose, To Win Again.” So, take this as a loss and most definitely you will win again with a REAL gentleman and you will get to have your perfect family you envisioned!

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