*sings* “Boy I see you swangiiiiiiiin’!”

MMG’s Stalley’s “Swangin'” record, which features Uncle Scarface, is one of the hottest songs out right now!  Sampling the 90’s group Mint Condition hit “U Send Me Swangin'”, Stalley and Scarface have given us a song to ride to!

Now that the song is out in the airwaves, Stalley has released a visual to match what is already in our ears!  In the video, there are appearances from MMG cohorts, Omarion, Rockie Fresh, and boss Rick Ross.  Down south representa’ Paul Wall also makes a cameo.  Check out his new video of his hit song “Swangin'”, featuring Scarface!

I just wish I was there for the video shoot, the video looks SO MUCH FUN!!!

-JaLisa Dove


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