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Lauren Pryor won a $25,000 “Gifted” scholarship from DC’s own Wale, which she’ll use to continue her studies at Hampton University.  According to the Gazette-Journal, the scholarship came right on time as Lauren was considering leaving the university because of rising costs.

“Winning this scholarship was truly a blessing. Almost not returning to Hampton University in the fall because of expenses, I was exceedingly fortunate to receive this scholarship. It was truly a test of faith.”

 Lauren’s big win was a matter of luck and timing, as she was the winner of a radio contest in Norfolk, VA. She said:

“I was on my way to a friend’s home in Hampton. The station said to call between 4 and 5 p.m. I called four or five times. The line was always busy.  On about the 14th call I told myself to give it a rest. I was taking the phone from my face and had my thumb on the ‘end’ button when I heard a man say ‘hello.’  I didn’t believe it. He told me there were millions of calls and he only picked up the phone 14 times nationwide.”

Congrats to Lauren and shout out to Wale for recognizing the “Gifted” and doing good deeds!

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